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The New Gaming Industry

Now that we have a macro view of the gaming industry and insights on how game developers are evolving, I want to focus on the rest of the gaming ecosystem. This is a whole new industry that is driven by esports. The bigger categories I break down by function, feature and use case. The smaller categories I just […]

The Evolution Of Game Developers

The last article, I gave a macro view of the gaming ecosystem. Now, I wanted to spend time on each game category to define what they are, how they innovate by function, feature or use case, and finally what are the top startups startups in each category. This article will solely focus on game developers. […]

The Future Of Gaming

In this series of articles, I wanted to break down the gaming/esports ecosystem. The industry seems a bit taboo for most investors. However, the growth of this industry is something that can’t be ignored. What: I categorized 759 gaming/esports startups into 15 categories. I then broke each one apart by how they innovate by function, feature […]

AI Startups You Should Know – Part 1

In this article, I want to showcase some disruptive AI startups by application. My first article outlined the overall fundraising trends across the global AI landscape. My second article took a closer look at how conglomerates invest/acquire AI startups. Now, I hope to shine light on actual use cases of AI and what startups you should be paying attention […]

How Corporate Giants Invest In AI

Last week I published an article on the overall trends in the AI industry. After reviewing 1600+ AI startups globally, I was able to group most startups into 22 different subcategories, reveal fundraising trends, identify countries leading the AI race and more. Taking it one step further, I wanted to share how the largest corporations […]

Who Is Leading The AI Race?

Artificial Intelligence is becoming an extremely important function of the next evolution of technology. Therefore, I looked at every AI startup at the end of 2017. This was a collection of 1600+ startups globally. My goal was to understand the applications of AI/ML in every industry, the current fundraising environment and what countries are leading […]